Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring International Movers

Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring International Movers


To ensure the safe transportation of your items, you need to ask international moving companies in Dubai a few questions before you hire them. These questions should cover various issues, such as whether they are bonded, insured, and have workers’ compensation insurance. They also should know how to safely load their belongings in crates or loosely in a container.

Hire an international moving company that has a comprehensive insurance plan:

When moving overseas, your possessions are at a higher risk of damage or loss. To protect yourself from this risk, you should hire an international moving company with a comprehensive insurance plan. While this insurance can be costly, it’s well worth the price. Please inquire about the insurance plan’s terms and conditions, and ask how far it covers your possessions.

Ensure movers are licensed and bonded:

When choosing a moving company, check whether they are licensed, bonded, and insured. This is a common phrase, but it is important to check to ensure the moving company has these credentials. Ensure that the company is insured to protect your belongings during transport and once they arrive at their destination. You may look elsewhere if the moving company still needs this certification.

Ensure they have workers’ compensation:

It is important to ensure that international movers are fully insured and have workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance covers workers and ensures they receive the wages they are entitled to in case of an accident. Without worker’s compensation, the employer can be legally liable for an employee’s injuries.

Workers’ compensation is governed by state law and protects employees against medical expenses and wage loss due to work-related injuries. Most states require companies to provide this coverage to their employees. Benefits can include medical payments, wage-loss benefits, and even death benefits. Wage-loss benefits typically cover half to two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly wage. Workers’ compensation laws also define who is covered and who is not.

Ensure they load your items securely in crates or loosely in the container:

Before the container is loaded, ensure your items are properly packed. Bedding or blankets should be placed between heavy and light items to ensure even weight distribution. You can also use straps to secure larger items to their sides. Be sure to list the contents of your container. This will ensure you have good records in the event of damaged or lost items. It is also important to note any missing items per your contract terms.