Easy Steps To Design Your Villa Landscape

Easy Steps To Design Your Villa Landscape

Using your wish list as a guide, create a basic landscape layout. This way, you can see everything in one place. Make an inspirational photo collection, as well, to help you plan the layout. Then, you can move people around the landscape to see how different elements work together.

Creating a site inventory:

Creating a site inventory is an important step in designing your villa landscaping in Dubai. This process involves evaluating the elements and features of your property and deciding where to place certain elements. For example, different plants and trees are better suited to different sites. Also, site conditions can influence where to place your villa’s patio, feature trees, screening walls, and fences. Depending on your location, you may need to adjust the layout of your villa to take advantage of the sun, wind, and shade.

Creating a base map for your landscape layout:

One of the first steps in planning a landscape design is creating a base map of your property. The base map should include the existing conditions of the land and the property’s dimensions. You can acquire this information from a variety of sources, including a plot plan obtained from the city, a property deed of a previous owner, or even online satellite imaging.

Create a color wheel:

When designing your villa landscape, there are many color schemes to choose from. A color wheel can help you decide which colors to use in which areas. Try using colors that have complementary values to each other on the color wheel. This will ensure your design is balanced. You can also use dazzling white and black to create contrast and tension.

Use interlocking shapes to draw the eye:

When designing your villa landscape, you can use interlocking shapes to draw the eye. Interlocking ovals and box shapes are equally effective, but oval designs will appeal to the human eye more. People tend to favor curves over straight lines.

Create a design concept:

Before you begin landscaping your villa, create a design concept. This guiding idea will determine what your landscaping will look like and what style will fit best with your home and surroundings. For instance, a naturalistic style might call for plantings like dogwoods and azaleas, while a more formal design would use boxwoods and symmetrical patterns.